We tell the tale while you ride the trail!

It's an odd thing, living in historic areas as we do, we tend to forget that people travel across the country to see places that we have in our own backyard. When we travel, we take tours and see the sites, but we tend to neglect our own hometown heritage.

Ghost Towns and Indian Trails To The Past

Trolley to discover the rich heritage of Mount Vernon and Clifton with stories by our conductor. You'll also have the opportunity to get off at the Brabb and Mt. Vernon cemeteries. The scenery helps us take you back in time. As we travel along the paths that the Native American Indians and our early settlers walked, we will regale you with stories of their daily lives.

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Hop on board and ride around

Romeo Village streets as we tell you tales of lore -

silly and spooky? - true or untrue?

It's up to YOU to decide!

Kid Friendly!

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